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Wage Determinations Online: Providing public access to federal wage determinations and related information is part of the Integrated Acquisition Environment, one of the E-Government initiatives in the President’s Management Agenda. It is a collaborative effort of the Office of Management and Budget, Department of Labor, Department of Defense, General Services Administration, Department of Energy, and Department of Commerce.

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What is PACT?

PACT is an automated method of accurately calculating SCA price adjustments that is specifically designed to streamline the price adjustment process and timeline. It consists of a format for contractors to submit their price adjustment proposals (the CSF) and a Government component that calculates and helps contract specialist to analyze the proposals for accuracy, allowability and consistency. See a detailed explanation of the PACT concept.

User Friendly Interface

(Note: "SAVE" instead of “OPEN” file. PACT also requires Security Enabling.)

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